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Warning: Many companies make basic mistakes when purchasing a new telephone system for their business. They buy solely on price, or choose the latest buzz word application despite being unaware of how suitable the equipment is for their business.

Here is a method that’s helped many of our customers

Here, we offer the five simple steps to ensuring the correct choice of technology for your business:


The choice of supplier seems an obvious consideration but not for the reasons you may think. Of course the basics of trust, business longevity and quality of service apply as with any supplier, but a telephony supplier must get to know your business in order to properly advise. Judge your choice of supplier by the questions they ask of your business, by how well they learn how you operate today and plan to operate tomorrow, by how keen they are to build a long term partnership.

2. Staff

All too often we see companies who have bought the latest equipment, or technology the management team thought suitable, only for the staff to be unwilling or unprepared to use the system. How your staff answer the telephone is vital for your business as it is often the opener to trade with existing and new customers. Ensuring the correct call is answered by the correct staff is vital to making sales or dealing with customer enquiries, so your staff must be comfortable, well trained and prepared fully to use the new technology.

3. Customers

A classic mistake made when purchasing a phone system is to think only of your staff making calls and to forget that many companies answer more calls than they make! Therefore, your customers will use your company’s phone system more than you imagine. It is vital to ensure that they are connected to the appropriate staff and that enquiries are efficiently dealt with. A good supplier will seek to understand how your customers presently contact you, how your company presently deals with inbound calls and, from that information, will offer best advise on how new technology can integrate with your business plan.

4. Growth

The modern business world for communication is constantly evolving and, therefore, so will your business. As IT systems merge with telephony we are all used to phrases such as Skype, FaceTime and Video Conferencing. The choice of telephone equipment must be able to meet those demands today and into the future, because your customers will seek new ways to communicate with you. As telephone systems get smarter they are able to be upgraded with the applications that are becoming more and more widely used.

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5. Efficiency

The previous four points all point to tailoring the technology to your business needs which should all lead to efficiency savings. By getting to know your business, the supplier should be able to tailor the technology to cut costs by making your business process more efficient. For example, is there a need for a full time receptionist if the phone system can field and place calls itself? Will the addition of your company’s marketing for customers to listen to when on hold actually increase sales? Will your staff make more sales or deliver better customer service if they receive their desk phone voice mail messages via email?

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