About TelBridge

We like to do business with people like ourselves: conscientious, proud of their business and interested in building long term working relationships. We care about all of our customers and we enjoy helping our customers to grow their businesses with a long term business partnership.

Yes, we’ve been trading since 2003 and we’ve grown from one man in a van to a boutique sized business that has maintained its customer base and grown that base across South Wales and further afield.​

However, the interesting bit about us is how we look after our customers and how we ensure we can give the best support long term:

Our Approach

Record Keeping:

When we install a solution, we take time to record it properly and fully. We take copious notes, we take our time to label everything and properly and we take lots of photographs. Why? So we can help and support any future moves and changes in the easiest and most cost effective manner.

Fault Reporting:

It’s technology, so things go wrong. We understand that but we work hard to minimise such issues and to be properly prepared for when it happens.

As we’ve taken such good records of our installations, we are able to say to our customers “the router is the white box, marked DrayTek, on the left hand side of the data cabinet”, rather than just giving generic advice of “turn it off and back on again”.

And that’s just one way of how we work efficiently with our customers to get the job done. We keep a single point of contact for fault reporting and we keep our customers (and our team) up to date with what’s going on.


We’ll take time to get to know your business. We’ll ask you lots of questions and they’ll all be designed to help us learn about how you like to work and how our solutions can help you. We’ll tell you if we think there’s a better way to do something, we’ll tell you the most cost effective way of implementing the best solutions. We won’t string customers along in order to make a quick buck.

Long Term:

That’s what we want – long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Long term without the need for a long term contract, but long term based on excellent supply of solutions that assist our customers in growing their businesses.

Our Promise To You

What we will do...

What we won't do...

Our Process

First Contact

We like to make this simple. Our customers respond to one of our letters, or e-shots or find what they are looking for on our website. Therefore, there’s no pressure from us. No hard sell. No cheap suit. No spikey hair.

Let’s Get Together

We come to visit you at your office and take a little of your time to ask you lots of questions about what you want, what you would like and to agree on what you need. We see this as the start of our working relationship together.

We Write You a Proposal

We are the experts, so we take all of the information we have gathered and use it to tailor a solution that meets the identified and accurate needs of your business, for today and into the future. We do NOT take something off a shelf and tell you “Yeah, that’s what you want!”. Our proposal will be detailed, but friendly, not covered in jargon but will provide the level of detail required to make the business decisions.


We are off and running. Today is the day that the process starts of delivering the agreed solution – be that placing orders for line installations, delivering hardware or starting any necessary cabling. We plan this to meet your business requirements, to minimise disruption to your business and to ensure that you have “business as usual” whilst we start implementing the next stage of your business growth.

Happy Customer

We’re not interested in a short term hit or a quick kiss and go. We want to build long term relationships with our customers so that we grow our businesses together, so that we provide long term solutions to help your business grow. We want say “Hi!” to you in Tesco, not to run down the next aisle if we see you approaching. We’re here for the long term and allowing TelBridge to deliver the best communications solutions to your business will ensure that we’ll grow old together!

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We’ll take time to get to know your business and will ask you lots of questions, designed to help us learn about how you like to work and how our solutions can help you.