My internet keeps dropping, going off and is very slow. What can I do?

If you a TelBridge customer, then we want to hear from you as soon as you start experiencing issues.   We will go through several checks and tests on your current lines to diagnose any potential service issues.  We have all the relevant information about your site as we record them on our internal records. We can ask you to reboot your router and tell you where your router is in your building!  

We may need Openreach to visit you or we may send one of our own engineers out. Suffice to say we make things as painless as possible for you, you won’t need to chase us and we will always keep you fully informed.

We understand the importance of your broadband connection and are committed to getting things resolved for you as quickly as possible.

If you are not an existing customer, contact your current broadband supplier for them to investigate.  Then, call us so we can help improve your service by switching supply to ourselves.

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