My phone system is very old. How much does it cost to buy a new one?

TelBridge don’t just sell off the shelf telephone systems so the cost to replace one is very dependent on the size of your business and the features you would like.  

Our approach is to meet with you to discuss your requirements for your existing business.  We always ask questions about your future ideas in order to ensure we plan for any business moves or expansion.  We do this not to be nosy (well, we are really) but to consider any future impacts that could have an effect on your business finances.   

We are partnered with a leasing company and so a new phone system can be purchased over 3 or 5 years, meaning payments are spread out and can be budgeted for. We don’t mind how our customers choose to pay, however, so the choice is up to you. We will always offer a ‘cash price’ for the work.

If you haven’t paid off your last system and are still in a leasing arrangement, we can still help!  By providing us the detail of your current arrangement, we can contact our leasing company, work out a settlement figure and begin a new arrangement through us.

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