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Welcome to the TelBridge website – a place online where we show our values and our approach to working with our customers.

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The world of telecommunications is fast moving and ever changing, just as are the needs of your business. Maybe your telephone system is nearing the end of its days, maybe your office needs an up to date network cabling infrastructure to drive your IT and phone network, maybe better Wi-Fi coverage is needed in those hard to get to places…..

Whatever the requirements, TelBridge have a solution that will meet those identified needs and more. Please call us for a free consultation in which we will design the best cost effective solution for your business.

Exciting times ahead as your business is growing and new infrastructure and/or new technology is needed. Our advice is simple: get us involved in the process as early as possible and we can guide and advise on the best way for telecommunications technology to aid your expansion.

Whether this is to expand your existing premises, or to grow in to an adjacent property, or even to expand to a different county or country, we can help ensure that the growth allows for business as usual to continue.

We understand that our marketplace is competitive and we welcome that, as we have a clear point of difference between us and our rivals. We are consultative, we are a little bit nosey, as we really want to get to know your business so that we can provide a solution that will have the best fit to your needs.

So we understand that sometimes the boss says “Get me three quotes” and we’ve gained many customers that way over the years, but we will offer so much more than just a formulaic quote on a piece of meaningless headed paper.

We know that we have a very different approach from most of our competitors and we are very proud of that. We are friendly, consultative and motivated by building friendly long-term relationships, rather than seeking a quick buck and then on to the next one.

There are two good ways of finding out how different we are – the first is to read our Case Studies in which our long term friends and customers have written lovely things about us! The second way, of course, is for us to pop in and have a chat over a cup of coffee, for us to get to know each other.

If you like the way that we conduct our business after that (we’ll even pay for the coffee, if you prefer!) then we can move forward together with a better solution for your business.

We know, the telecoms industry is packed with needless jargon and much of it is confusing and unnecessary. So if you are looking for a supplier that will put everything into plain English, in a concise and clear manner, then please give us a call. We know our CAT5s and our CAT5s from our elbow, so leave it all up to us.
If you’re stuck – give us a call. We’ll do all that we can to help, whether that’s with a faulty product or even a wrongly supplied product from one of our competitors. If your broadband has fallen over or if the phone system has a strange burning smell coming it – just give us a call!

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