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CCTV camera for commercial use

Cameras are everywhere nowadays, from drones in the sky, to CCTV cameras registering your number plate as you drive from Newport to Swansea and beyond, to the amateur Spielberg with an iPhone in their hand – we’re all film stars nowadays.

So does your business need to be part of this revolution? Here is a list of just a few of the benefits a professionally installed CCTV solution will have for your business:

Security: this is the obvious one, of course. A CCTV solution installed by TelBridge will protect not only the outside of the business premises but also cover the important areas within. Traditionally, CCTV cameras have been installed to deter break-ins but technology has moved on to allow internal coverage to be as important.

Theft Deterrence: CCTV infrastructure is now not only a deterrence for professional thieves breaking in to your office, but it can also (through the use of indoor cameras) assist with Loss Prevention by reducing the opportunity for stock to go missing.

Improved Productivity: we don’t really like to focus on this one, but we all work a little bit harder when “Big Brother” is watching. Maybe that cigarette break is a little bit shorter if there’s a camera in that area, or maybe that stock is replenished a little more quickly.

Protect Your Colleagues: we’ve listed above the ‘negative’ side of video surveillance for your colleagues but there are real benefits. CCTV cameras can help to protect your colleagues from false accusations, from poor behaviour by colleagues or customers etc. CCTV can also help business efficiency by any complainant understanding that there is footage of any incident, so misunderstandings can be cleared up much more quickly.

Remote Viewing: as you just can’t get enough of your workplace, you’ll now be able to view the cameras via an APP on your mobile phone! Did you remember to close the door? The window? Is Dave from Accounts locked in the office?!!? Business CCTV infrastructure will allow you to switch on your APP to find out, instead of racing to the garage, getting the car out and driving 30 minutes in the cold and dark. That’s got to be worth the cost of installation alone!

As you can see from the above – a professional CCTV installation will save your business money, will increase efficiency and will allow you to sleep better at night!

From Enquiry to Installation….and beyond – How TelBridge supply CCTV

We understand that many companies are pushy, that their sales team call everyday without fail and never get the message….. but that’s not us. We don’t like being treated that way so we certainly don’t treat our customers – existing and potential – like that. Here’s how we do things:

  1. We hope that you like our website and you find the information that you are looking for: “We install CCTV for businesses in South Wales / Cardiff / Newport / Swansea / Nelson”
  • You give us a call, or send us an email, to say ‘Hello’.
  • We arrange a time that is suitable for you for us to pop in, have a chat about what kind of CCTV installation you’re interested in and for us all to work through any ideas and options available.
  • We produce a quote. And then we send it via email, so everything is in writing and our price is guaranteed. We leave the quote with you for you to work through at your own time and without constant follow ups from us.
  • Hopefully you like it and say ‘Yes!’. If not, we make any appropriate amendments and then you say ‘Yes!’
  • Then we install it and train you on how to use it – all at a time that suits your business.
  • We come to say hello from time to time to make sure that all is working well and we’re always on the end of the phone should you need us.
  • We provide a valuable ongoing maintenance service to ensure the equipment is in the best of possible conditions.

So, if you’re a business looking for a professionally installed CCTV solution in South Wales – get in touch.

CCTV is yet another minefield for many businesses – how many cameras, what’s a PTZ camera, what is IP, co-axial, hubba bubba or a DVR? These are all the kind of jargon phrases thrown around but are they really necessary?

You – the customer – want enough cameras, covering enough things, to make you comfortable that your business and your colleagues are protected by a professionally installed CCTV solution.

So that’s where TelBridge comes in – as that’s exactly what we do. We install CCTV solutions for businesses across South Wales, with the minimum of fuss, but to the highest standards.

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