Business Telephone Systems

Choosing the optimal telephony system for your business can be a difficult task as you enter the world of Telecoms Jargon and a marketplace that is quickly evolving. It is easy to be drowned in unfamiliar terms such as ISDN, VoIP, SIP, extensions and auto-attendants, so that’s why TelBridge have a range of solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Business Telephone Systems

Our approach is simple: we pop along to your office (at your convenience) for a half hour chat, during which time we ask many questions with the aim of understanding how your business uses telephony today and how it is likely to use it in the future. We will walk around your premises to understand its layout, its network infrastructure in terms of cabling and any potential areas of growth.

After our meeting, we will put together a written proposal for how we believe your business will be best served by telephony for the coming years. We can then get back together to iron out any changes, adaptions or amendments, before agreeing our next course of action.

It can be that simple and that professional (and painless!). Let us use our experience to design the best solution for your business – we’ve been doing this for over 20 years!

But remember, a telephone system is a SERVICE and NOT a product. It is a solution for your business. It needs to be properly and professionally planned, programmed and installed, so your choice of partner supplier is vital.


We are accredited Grandstream partners, which means that we’ve been on the official training course, been properly trained and come away with a certificate. More than just that, however, we love the product.

Grandstream primarily manufacture SIP based phone systems – meaning calls are made over the Internet.  For more on how that works, please see click here for our SIP Solutions.

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Who Is Grandstream?

Grandstream are a global communications company whose headquarters are in Boston, USA. They have been at the cutting edge of communications – telephony, video conferencing, network solutions and IP security – since 2002 and have grown their business across the world.

Their product portfolio sits perfectly with our expertise within the telephony, data network and CCTV / IP security sectors, hence why TelBridge are Accredited Partners for Grandstream.

Grandstream Telephone Series

Why Should I Buy A Grandstream Phone System For My Business?

Simply put – this product is marvellous. It opens up a range of services that were previously not cost effective for many small to medium businesses, but are now essentials of the modern working world. Gone are the days of requiring additional licences and hardware for features such as:

Call Recording:-
The Grandstream UCM telephone system will record all calls – not just those to the outside world, but also those within the business – to a NAS drive on your network.

Voicemail to Email:-
Never miss a message again as any messages left on your voicemail will be sent as a .wav file attached to an email, meaning that you can listen on the move on your phone and that you’ll be able to forward that message onto a colleague, if necessary.

This one always splits our customer base! Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Accounts etc. However, where it is used properly, an auto-attendant is an excellent way of delivering efficiency to your business (regardless of size).  Calls are directed immediately to those best suited with the caller, cutting down waiting time and often removing the need for a business to employ somebody to simply answer and transfer.

How many times have you hung up a call with Sue, to phone Dave, to tell him what Sue said, to have then phone Sue back in order to tell her what Dave said… get the picture! No need for any of that any longer – simply host a conference call on the Grandstream system and you can all join in together.  It’s quick and easy to do!

Remote Workers:-
Ever fancied working from home? Or do you have a number of home workers already who can be contacted via their mobile? With Grandstream, home workers can have telephone handsets connected via their home broadband to the phone system in the office.  Clever isn’t it! This means that they can be contacted by an internal extension number, calls can easily be transferred to them from the main office and – for the bosses who like to snoop – all of their calls can be recorded.

Wi-Fi Phones and Video Calling:-
These are perhaps a niche product, but many users are now requesting the ability to “Facetime” through their desk phone so they can fully interact with whoever they are calling.  Again, Grandstream has this feature enabled, just as it does with the “Wi-Fi” calling that allows cordless handsets to make calls much further away from their desks that previous technology allowed.

Lady Using Business Telephone System

Why your business should buy a new telephone system from TelBridge

There are many competitors of ours in the market place but none of them make the customer experience as simple, efficient and as cost effective as we do:

1. First Contact

We like to make this simple. Our customers respond to one of our letters, or e-shots or find what they are looking for on our website. Therefore, there’s no pressure from us. No hard sell. No cheap suit. No spikey hair.

2. Let’s Get Together

We come to visit you at your office and take half an hour of your time to ask you lots of questions about what you want, what you would like and to agree on what you need. Our goal from this meeting is to gather as much information as we can about how your business operates, how it talks to its customers and how it plans to do business in the future. We need to see where the telephone system will operate and who will operate it, so that we can offer the most suitable solution. We see this as the start of our working relationship together.

3. We Write You a Proposal

We are the experts, so we take all of the information we have gathered and use it to tailor a solution that meets the identified and accurate needs of your business, for today and into the future. We do NOT take something off a shelf and tell you “Yeah, that’s what you want!”.  Our proposal will be detailed, but friendly, not covered in jargon but will provide the level of detail required to make the business decisions.

3.1 We get back together to iron out any subtle changes and to agree on a plan to move things forward.

4. Implementation!

We are off and running. Today is the day that the process starts of delivering the agreed solution – be that placing orders for line installations, delivering hardware or starting any necessary cabling. We plan this to meet your business requirements, to minimise disruption to your business and to ensure that you have “business as usual” whilst we start implementing the next stage of your business growth.

5. Happy Customer

We’re not interested in a short term hit or a quick kiss and go. We want to build long term relationships with our customers so that we grow our businesses together, so that we provide long term solutions to help your business grow. We want say “Hi!” to you in Tesco, not to run down the next aisle if we see you approaching.

We’re here for the long term and allowing TelBridge to deliver the best communications solutions to your business will ensure that we’ll grow old together!

Business Telephone Systems

To experience our customer sales process and to learn more about how good technology can drive your business, please contact us on 0330 100 4570

Business Telephone System

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Get a FREE Consultation

We take the time to get to know your business and learn how you work.

Get a FREE Consultation

We’ll take time to get to know your business and will ask you lots of questions, designed to help us learn about how you like to work and how our solutions can help you.