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Nowadays, everything is going online. You can chip your dog to find out where Bonzo is, you can turn up your heating whilst in a traffic jam on the way home and you can start your oven whilst sitting on the sofa watching the soaps.

Now some of this is done by Wi-Fi, but even Wi-Fi needs cables. Confusing, eh?

So what to do for your business? Where to run the cables? Who designs the layout? Does Susan’s desk have enough cable points but does Bob require more? What if Bob wants to move office in the future………? And what’s all that spaghetti junction stuff in that dusty cabinet up high in the corner of the office?

Office Data Cables

The simple answer when it comes to cabling for your office computers, printers, telephones and many other devices (such as Wi-Fi access points, for you to connect to without a cable!) is that your office will require more cabling than you think is necessary today.

If you’re planning on staying in your office for any significant period of time, planning on moving offices or just growing the number of colleagues, then it needs to have a properly designed, by an expert, CAT5 or CAT6 data network. This kind of network is faster and more secure than Wi-Fi, so it’s vital to get it right at the planning stage.

Significant costs can be saved during the planning stage of any cabling network and this is why we need to be involved as early on as possible. We can cut costs by ensuring that sufficient capacity is delivered to the correct locations, that potential moves and changes in the future are facilitated with the minimum of fuss and minimal cost.

To learn more about what we do please click here but if you are thinking of upgrading your network, or thinking of adding additional capacity or thinking of making any changes at all then give us a call and allow us to plan your network.

Data Cabinet / Network

If you’ve got something that looks like a bowl of cable spaghetti locked behind a door that barely fits, in a cabinet gathering dust in the corner of your office, then you have in place a data network.

Network Cables

Traditionally, this kind of network was in place to allow computers to access a bigger computer in the office (a server) so as to send and share data. Over time, this kind of network has allowed office computers to access the internet, to send emails and even to access a bigger computer in the “cloud”. Nowadays, this network also drives telephones, printers, Wi-Fi access points, door entry / access control systems, CCTV cameras and so much more.

In many ways, it is THE most important asset within your office. Without it, computers won’t work, phones may not work, printers are just massive paperweights. In some ways it can be extremely dangerous as we often see cables trailing along the floor as the wall sockets aren’t anywhere near the desk they serve.

So here are some reasons as to why you should work with us to design your network infrastructure:

1. Scalable

Once the network is in and complete, its easy to add devices like computers or printers etc. There’s no disruption to the network to plug in a new device and there’s no waiting for new cabling to run to facilitate that device.

2. Efficiency and Up Time

A badly organised network infrastructure can cause down times with devices not connecting properly or not behaving as they should. Poor cabling, or frayed old cabling can cause many issues and problems – especially if your office chair keeps catching a loose cable!3.

3. It looks better!

You know what they say – a clear desk shows a clear mind! Well, an office with trip hazards or cables trailed all over the place is not only difficult to work in but is also a real Health and Safety risk.

4. It Will Save You Money!

We understand that a properly cabled office is an investment but it is one that will pay back many dividends over time. Properly planning the network so as to ensure that all areas are covered with adequate provision will significantly cut the costs of any future expansion into those areas. Do it properly the first time and you’ll only pay once, plus the cost of adding ports to an existing network can be disproportionately expensive.

In summary – call in the experts: US! We will work with you to design your office infrastructure, just as you’d work with a designer to design your website!

Data Cabling

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