Internet Access

Internet Access

The world of broadband can be a minefield of jargon and acronyms: FTTP, FTTC, ADSL, G.Fast. They all sound like Boy Bands from the early 2000s.

Once you’ve got beyond the titles, we then hit another wall of jargon with regards to ISP, IP addresses, contention, and more. Throttling is a term used to slow down speeds, but it can equally apply to whoever thought up all of these terms…

So here’s an easy guide in simple terms:


This is your private internet circuit, used only by your company and shared with nobody else. Think of it like a private motorway where nobody gets in your way, you have no middle lane hoggers and you can go as fast as the road allows.


You may have seen a green cabinet at the end of your street or just outside your office. That box is a link back to the local telephone exchange using fibre optic cable, not copper. The only copper bit is the link from that cabinet to your office.

That’s the technical bit, but the key bit is that this is a shared service so the link back to the exchange is shared by lots of other businesses. Also, the copper bit from the green box to your office can slow down speeds, dependent upon the length of the cable and it’s quality.


This service allows a fibre optic link direct from your business, through the green box in the street and to the telephone exchange. This means that the speeds are more likely to be guaranteed and this is why FTTP works for those a little further away from the telephone exchange.

Remember, however, that FTTP doesn’t come with a working phone line.


This is the “next generation” broadband, delivering speeds of up to 330Mbps (so four times faster than fibre broadband) but only over a relatively short distance. This means that the distance from the green box is key and only those very close to it will be able to receive this product.

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