Router Management

Think of your office router as being the Bouncers on the (cyber) door to your business. Just like the burly folk on the door on the Nightclub, your router is in charge of who it allows to access your office network from anywhere in the world.

Office router

That’s right – anywhere in the world. We’ve all read the stories of businesses being hacked and held to ransom for serious money, but there’s also many millions of hackers who are just malicious in wishing to create mayhem. We joke that these are teenagers in Russia, or Paraguay or wherever, but we’re not too wrong in our estimation.

But why, you ask, would a spotty oik in Kiev be interested in what’s on your IT network? The truth is that he or she is probably not interested in YOU specifically, but when they fish for vulnerable networks all that is found is an IP address (your company’s address on the Internet) and off they go. At this point it is not important if you are Bob’s Bakery or Barclays Bank – they just want to create havoc.

So what can you do to ensure this doesn’t happen to your business? In truth, no network is impenetrable but there are many steps to take to make things so difficult that the “Bouncer” just encourages the trouble maker to move on to the next drinking hole:

  1. Use a decent, business grade router: We are certified partners of DrayTek and we recommend using only these excellent routers.
  2. Use a router that can be programmed by your support company: often, the ‘free’ routers provided by some internet access suppliers aren’t up to the job.
  3. Keep your router firmware up do date: this is vital for any device that is online
  4. Choose a Support Company who know what they are doing: TelBridge!

As part of the service for our customers, we look after all of the above – and MUCH more – in order to keep our customers as safe as possible.

If you’ve any concerns about the security online of your office network, or if you’d like for us to offer a free network survey, please give us a call on 0330 100 4570.

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