SIP Trunks

Odd sounding, isn’t it? What is a “SIP Trunk”? It sounds like a kids game released at Christmas time that guarantees to leave parents covered in water, somehow.

However, it’s not quite that… in fact it is the future of telephony in the UK. In essence, a SIP Trunk is a telephone line that exists on the Internet, accessed via an Internet connection (so broadband or a leased line), and is a step forward from the telephony of old. This is one method of Voice Over IP telephony.

Hand holding globe representing SIP Trunking

In fact, the “old” ISDN telephone lines will be no longer supported after 2025, according to Openreach – the company that owns and maintains the telephone network in the UK. This means that any investment into telephony hardware should now only be considered in the context of SIP trunks.

A further benefit of SIP trunks is that we can offer inclusive calls minutes as part of the line rental. In essence, this means that moving to SIP will see most customers have a zero cost for calls made to UK landlines and UK mobiles.

And the line rentals are cheaper than traditional telephony!

So that sounds all good, doesn’t it? Too good to be true? Well, not quite – there is a little more to it than it seems. And, of course, this is where we come in!

To fully benefit from SIP technology, your business will need the following:

  • A strong Internet connection -> which we can supply
  • A business grade router -> which was can supply and install
  • An excellent data cabling infrastructure in your office -> which we can install
  • A Voice Over IP telephone system -> such as a Grandstream – from us!

Get in touch with us to see how your company is set up for the telephony of the future – today!

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