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Having issues with your business broadband?

Then you’re in the right place. If your business isn’t a TelBridge customer (yet!) then broadband problems can blight your day. Often they are intermittent, sometimes they are frequent, always they are annoying. Read on to find out what the issue could be, or if it’s easier contact us for a quick chat – we can usually pop out on the day to investigate and resolve your issue.

Why is my business broadband down/ misbehaving / slow / slowing down / so annoying?

There’s a number of reasons why your corporate broadband might not be working; our local broadband engineers would work through this list to see what the issue is (and sometimes we find there are multiple issues!):

  • Your Provider (they may be not very good / using a residential service / slowing down the connection)
  • Where your office is located (if it’s too far from the exchange then speeds are negatively affected, which may mean that the wrong product has been supplied)
  • The Openreach copper cable supplying the service to the building (is there a fault on this? Has your supplier run tests to find out?)
  • Internal Phone Wiring (has the phone socket been checked / replaced)
  • The Router (is it fit for purpose? Is it trying to do much? Is it broken?)
  • The Network Infrastructure (beyond the router we have the network cabling, the network switch, the spaghetti junction in the data cabinet)

How our broadband engineers fix broadband issues

Our local telecommunications engineers have a 5-step process for investigating and fixing local business broadband issues:

  1. We run a line test on the copper telephone line as most broadband faults are caused by faults in the Openreach network.
  2. We run a broadband line test (if the telephone line test passed).
  3. We send our engineer to the customer to run local tests. So we change the telephone socket and run line tests using our equipment to ensure that the supply is good to that point.
  4. We change the cabling from the phone socket to the router.
  5. We change the router (often loaning the customer one from our stock).

Business Broadband With On-Site Support

As you can see from the above, that’s exactly what TelBridge offers our customers. No faceless call centres with multiple operators asking the same question over and over again, no shrugging of the shoulders with a refusal to take responsibility. That’s not us. But it is why your business should join us at TelBridge!

Don’t just take our word for it – we have over 400 happy customers, read some of our case studies to find out more

We would have no hesitation in recommending them for anyone looking for telephone, internet or cabling work, or indeed mobile telephones.

Liz Gibbs-Murray, Hawthorn Accountancy Services

If your company broadband is working ok but you want to change suppliers and/or are moving/expanding premises, check out our business broadband services

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