Business Telephone Lines & Calls

Ah, traditional telephony. You can’t beat it! If it’s working for you right now and your telephony hardware is not at end of life – then carry on regardless. There are still a number of years until Openreach force us all to use Voice Over IP technology so let TelBridge ensure that your office is served by the correct telephony.

Traditional phone line for business use

How can we help? Well, we can make sure that your business isn’t overpaying with your present supplier and, we’d hope (!), your business would choose TelBridge as your new supplier.

So whether you’re with BT directly, or even if you’ve already made a cost saving by moving from BT, TelBridge can still offer cost savings and service improvements.

What kind of lines can TelBridge supply and install?

Analogue Lines

These are the telephone lines we all need to supply our broadband lines. We used to use them as fax lines once upon a time!


Even though Openreach will no longer be supplying these kind of lines in the coming years, there is still life left in the old dog yet. ISDN lines are delivered in pairs and are, nowadays, only used for voice telephony – i.e. making and receiving telephone calls.


A little like ISDN2e telephone lines, but for companies who need 8 lines or more.

Of course, all of the above are fixed costs. They don’t change much year on year and some companies just “budget” for the same cost year on year. Sure, sometimes call costs are a little more for some months than others, but it’s all pretty much the same.

Well, what’s the definition of madness? Doing the same thing but expecting a different result!

So, if you want to ensure that your business isn’t being overcharged whilst being delivered an inferior service, give us a call. We’ll offer a free, no obligation, audit of a recent telephone bill to show how easy it could be to cut that “year on year” cost. This is an especially worthwhile exercise if your business is a customer of “one of the Big Boys” like BT or Talk Talk.

Image representing telephone lines

Our Other Solutions

Internet Telephone

SIP Trunks

a SIP Trunk is a telephone line that exists on the Internet, accessed via an Internet connection

Image Representing Business Wi-Fi

Business Wi-Fi

Nowadays it seems that Wi-Fi is a first world problem – it’s either not available, it’s not quick enough

Globe representing the internet

Internet Access

The world of broadband can be a minefield of jargon and acronyms: FTTP, FTTC, ADSL, G.Fast.

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