Business Wi-Fi

Nowadays it seems that Wi-Fi is a first world problem – it’s either not available, it’s not quick enough or Dad has changed the password to stop the kids from surfing Instagram into the early hours of the morning.

However, there are just a few business advantages of having a business grade Wi-Fi Network, including:

  • The use of portable devices across your premises (iPads, Tablets etc.)
  • Cost effective ‘hot desking’
  • Providing telephony and / or Internet access into areas that aren’t easy to reach with a cable

Of course, there are a number of industry sectors for which the provision of Wi-Fi is now a must: Hairdressers, Cafés, Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Bars, Restaurants and many more.

Image representing business wi-fi

Good Wi-Fi can deliver a number of commercial benefits. These are particularly relevant to most businesses that have the General Public as a retail customer base:

  • Hang Time -> good Wi-Fi will encourage customers to hang around a little longer, so hopefully resulting in them buying a little more
  • “Heat Spot” -> good Wi-Fi, covering a larger area, will tell you where your customers spent the longest period of time when at your business. This can help with staffing, for example, to ensure adequate customer service in the bar at certain times of the day. It can also help to tailor special offer promotions in certain departments etc.
  • Return visit recognition -> companies can tailor offers for repeat business as Wi-Fi stats can show you how many times a customer has returned and logged on.

The above also applies to external Wi-Fi as well as indoor. Providing sufficient coverage can really help your business and offer a significant return on the investment of business grade Wi-Fi.

We are partners with Unifi, Cisco Meraki and Draytek – all providers of excellent Wi-Fi technology that we can tailor to help your business.

But, beware (!), Wi-Fi is rarely an off the shelf product. It is certainly not a “one size fits all” commodity that should be bought without careful consideration, planning and expertise. Talk to us, let us talk through where you want the coverage to be and how you want your colleagues or customers to get online – and let us take care of the rest!

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